There is so much to do in the area of the Victoria Falls that it is worth choosing the right accommodation to suit your own particular aims.

For example, if you aren't staying locally to The Falls, on either the Zambia or Zimbabwe side, you will need to take a guided tour, rather than being able to explore at will. 

But there are so many other activities here that you also need to consider additional places to stay.

On The Zambia Side

Although Livingstone town itself is about 10 km from The Falls, there are two hotels located right at the edge of The Falls themselves, providing free and unguided access at most times of day. These are the Avani Resort Hotel (previously known as the Zambezi Sun), illustrated in the banner photograph, above, and the rather more expensive, and slightly more distant, Royal Livingstone Hotel.

A further excellent place to stay, and which is located just by the jetty from which the African Queen cruises start, is the Chrismar Hotel, about half way between the Falls and Livingstone itself. Within the town there are a number of hotels, starting with the bizarrely named 'Fawlty Towers' backpackers' hostel.

Further up river are a number of excellent lodges, from which all activities can be carried out, and in particular those located on the Upper Zambezi, such as canoeing. Tongabezi Lodge stands out here.

Details of all of these places to stay can be found on our website, and are also summarised via the links opposite.

On The Zimbabwe Side

The town of Victoria Falls and its surrounding area contains a number of hotels, but we have to say that the quality is very mixed. The good ones are extremely good indeed, but, while virtually all places to stay in Zambia are acceptable, not all on the Zimbabwe side fulfil this criterion. Indeed our attempts to visit and check out a number of these has been met with zero response, which doesn't bode well. This is not to say that there aren't further lodges here that will be perfectly acceptable.

We are therefore restricting ourselves here to the magnificent and majestic Victoria Falls Hotel, together with the very different in character, but equally excellent at what it does, Elephant Camp. Neither of these are described on our principal country websites (since we don't cover Zimbabwe as such), and hence rather more extended details are provided herein, by following the links opposite.