Most people visiting the Victoria Falls area aim to spend just one or two nights here, mainly enjoying the magnificent sight that The Falls themselves provide.

However the range of other activities to be found here is so wide that you could readily spend a couple of weeks in the area, without ever repeating yourselves.

Take a look at just what is on offer!

As the Livingstone (Zambian) side of the Victoria Falls area has developed, at the expense of the Zimbabwe side, the number of activities that can be undertaken here has mushroomed. Thus, most of the activities that are described in this section tend to be Zambian-based. However most of the actual wildlife encounters are available on both sides.

Although we can book these activities and excursions for guests prior to arrival, many of them are best decided upon at the time: after all, you may decide that you just want to sit and gaze at the Falls for hours instead! However, your hotel can usually make such bookings for you, as can our local destination management partners - Bushtracks Aftica and Livingstone's Adventure. Most of the photos illustrating these activities are taken from their websites, which also provide considerably more information. For most of these activities we give a very approximate idea of their (2017) cost (there can be varying factors involved).

We have, of course, undertaken many of these activities ourselves, and, where appropriate, you will be directed to our 'Safari Diary' website, which will provide you with details of our own experiences. But please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information about any of these activities.

VisitingThe Falls

A different experience is obtained here at different times of the day, and we recommend at least three separate goes at this, the primary experience that you presumably came for. For our own guests we make available a separate downloadable Guide to Viewing The Falls.

Wildlife Activities

The principal wildlife activity has to be a game drive through the local Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Although small by Zambian standards, the Park is replete with game, although lacking the presence of predators such as big cats. Providing much more direct contact with wildlife are the opportunities to ride elephant-back, and walk in the bush with lions and cheetahs.

Historical and Cultural Activities

In addition to being able to visit the local Mukuni Village, to see how the 'other half' actually lives, there is also the opportunity to visit a local market, and savour a number of museums, in addition to experiencing a genuine 'boma' dinner.

River-based Activities

Pride of place here is taken by a sunset cruise on the 'African Queen' paddleboat. Other boat rides are available, as is also canoeing, fishing and swimming (in the Devil's Pool).

Flight-based Activities

Known generally as 'The Flight of Angels', there is no better way to observe the Falls than from the air, whether by plane, helicopter or microlight.

Adrenaline Activities

You have to like danger to enjoy these activities, which include bungee-jumping off the over 100 metre high bridge that joins Zambia and Zimbabwe, abseiling, gorge swinging, white water rafting and river boarding.

Other Activities

Probably the most memorable of these further activities is the evening train ride on the beautifully restored Edwardian 'Livingstone Express' (including a fine dining experience), together with horseback, carriage-based, walking and even 4-wheeled excursions, together with, for example, a day trip to Chobe in nearby Botswana.